SK Auto Solutions offers services for all makes and models regardless of the year. We are mainly focused on the latest model cars and the toughest modules.


  • Audi Component Protection
  • BMW DME and CAS ISN Matching
  • Mercedes ECU Programming and SCN Coding
  • Land Rover Key Programming
  • BMW Custom Coding and Conversions
  • FORD ECU Flashing and Configurations
  • Benz ESL Electronic Steering Lock Rebuild or Emulator Install
  • BMW Key Programming CAS 2, CAS 3, CAS 4
  • BMW Used Key Renew / Unlock
  • Audi Used Key Renew / Unlock
  • Toyota, Nissan, Honda Hybrid Battery Rebuild / Testing
  • BMW EGS and CAS ISN Matching
  • Mercedes Engine, Transmission, and ISM module Renew / Unlock
  • AUDI Online Coding and Software Version Management
  • Mercedes EIS Ignition Switch Renew and Key Adding
  • Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Buick Online Flashing and Immobilizer Learning
  • Airbag Module programming and VIN Coding
  • Dodge Jeep Chrysler Flashing & Key Programming
  • Lexus Touch Screen Repair
  • Nissan Infiniti Key Programming & Used Key Renew
  • Mercedes 722.9 TCU TCM Speed Sensor Repair
  • Airbag Module Crash Clear / Reset
  • Diesel SCR Adblue Tank Heater Repair
  • Nissan Infiniti Module Flashing & Coding